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Prosthetic Nipple FAQ

In many cases, Reconstructive Nipple Surgery is not the best choice, primarily due to these reasons:

  • The reconstructed breast skin may be too tight or damaged by radiation thus not suitable for ANY additional surgery or areola tattooing.
  • In many cases, a long time needs to pass until the nipple reconstruction surgery can be performed, since the breast has to be fully healed.
  • Both the reconstructed nipple and the tattoo are not durable. In many cases the reconstructed nipple collapses and the tattoo starts fading after one year.

At any stage! You can engage us before or after mastectomy. We then make an impression out of your remaining nipple.
You can even engage us years after mastectomy for both ready-made nipples or custom-made nipples (impression can always be made out of your remaining nipple).

Pink Perfect prosthetic nipples were thoroughly tested by women before being introduced to the market. In addition, in accordance with international standards for biological evaluation of medical devices, the prosthetic nipple, along with the Pros-aide adhesive was tested by an independent laboratory to determine its suitability for use on the skin. The prosthetic nipple & Pros-aide adhesive were tested to ensure that it is non-irritant, nontoxic and non-reactive. In all cases, the prosthetic nipple & Pros-aide adhesive successfully passed these tests.

Up till now, our prosthetic nipples have achieved high levels of customer satisfaction in several categories with very few reports on skin irritation or allergic reactions. If you experience rush or irritation, consider changing to another adhesive brand which might be more suitable to your skin. We recommend you discuss any concerns with your physician. If you experience an unusual skin reaction, immediately stop use and seek medical attention.

That depends on the policy of your country’s ministry of health or your local health insurance policy. Please consult with your insurance agent.
In the US, our nipple prosthesis is covered under HCPCS billing code L8032 (“Nipple Prosthesis, reusable, any type, each”).
In order to improve the reimbursement process, it is advisable to send a medical necessity letter or a prescription note from your doctor (with your full name, date of birth, and diagnosis).
For the medical necessity letter, ICD-10 diagnostic code C50.019 (“Malignant Neoplasm of female breast, nipple and areola”) can also be used. In case CPT code is needed, it can be specified according to the reconstructive surgery performed. More info can be found in this link: CPT Mastectomy & Reconstruction codes

Our prosthetic is provided with Pros-Aide, an FDA registered medical adhesive which has been fully tested with our prostheses during normal day-to-day activities. The adhesive is waterproof and can hold the prosthetic for up to several days (depending on your skin and moisture level).

When you feel your prosthetic has become loose, you can apply a bit of adhesive on the loose edges using a cotton swab or you can take it off, clean it, spread a new layer of adhesive and reapply it. You can do it as many times as you like. With careful handling, the prosthetic can last for years!


Of course! Our prosthetic is safe to use in water thanks to the perfect fit to the breast form. It will stay firm on the breast and won’t move when doing normal water activities such as swimming.

For most women, the Pros-Aide adhesive holds for about a week (…and for some even more than that). If you feel the adhesive doesn’t hold as well as expected, please try the following steps:

  1. Wipe the skin area with isopropyl (rubbing) alcohol very thoroughly and vigorously to leave the skin as clean as possible. Let this thoroughly dry before applying the nipple.
  2. Apply the Pros-Aide to both sides to be bonded – on the skin area as well as on the nipple. Be sure to dry both areas completely. The Pros-Aide will turn from white to clear when dry. Once it is dry (turns clear) carefully press the 2 surfaces together – it will be extremely tacky so you must have care in placing these properly on the first contact.

Some women may need a stronger adhesive in case the Pros-aide adhesive won’t hold well due to their skin moisture/ pH level. For these women, we can suggest the Telesis 5 silicone-based medical adhesive & remover made by Premiere Products Inc. The Telesis 8 adhesive & remover can also be purchased on our website. Please call us (646) 415-9120 for more info.
Please note Pink Perfect holds no liability for any side effects which may occur due to improper Telesis 5 / Pros-aide adhesive usage or allergic reactions to these adhesives.
Since Teleis 5 provides a strong bondage for a long period, it is advisable to takes the prosthetic off every two weeks or so for a day or two to let the breast skin breath & refresh.

We offer a one-year guarantee on our nipples! Within that period your prosthetic can be replaced with no extra charge!

You can return the nipple within 14 days of delivery and get a full refund in case of ready-made nipples or 50% refund in case of custom-made nipples, excluding shipping costs.

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