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    Our custom-made nipple is intended for women who have undergone a unilateral (single) mastectomy or for women who have undergone bilateral mastectomy who need a custom pair.

    Combining high resolution impression kit with high quality silicone, we are able to produce an extremely realistic nipple which will resemble your remaining nipple!

    The nipples can be used with Telesis adhesive which holds for more than a week (automatically added to the cart during checkout).

    In case you choose to purchase custom-made nipple with impression kit:

    1. We will send you a quick & simple do-it-yourself impression kit (takes only 5 minutes to make) and a short questionnaire about your remaining nipple.
    2. You will create the impression from your remaining nipple.
    3. You will send the impression back to us along with the remaining nipple information (photo, colors & measurements).
    4. Once I receive the impression & info, I will create 6-8 different nipples with slight color variation to achieve close to 100% match to your remaining nipple and send them back to you.

    You can also choose to order custom-made nipple without impression kit. Once you order this, a questionnaire will be sent to you by email asking for nipple measurements, color selection and option to upload photos. 


    Please note:

    • Our nipples are specially made to order and due to high demand it will take up to two months to arrive once impression & color info are received.
    • We offer one-year warranty against defects/torns . 
    • Free USPS shipping to US & Canada. Rest of the world is $25.


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