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My older sister gave birth this morning. It’s her 4th – a beautiful boy, and I am happy from the bottom of my heart!! Finally I can shed happy tears.
Yesterday I drove into town, to Only Hair, a unique hairdressing salon that creates natural hair wigs.
The idea of having a … Read More

I broke – I knew it was coming; I even waited for it… I wanted it to come, I just couldn’t let myself really break down before now…
I didn’t realize that I knew how to cry like that, out loud and from deep inside my soul… I cried as if … Read More

After 4 blood tests, a lung X-ray, ultrasounds of my kidneys and another of my stomach, a vaginal ultrasound, Echocardiography, more blood tests, which they tacked on at the last minute, I ended up with a Pet-CT (which is a CT scan of my entire body).
The absurdity is that the … Read More

I SMSed her from the car, she’s one of the mothers from my son’s kindergarten and she was diagnosed with cancer 3 months after her son was born (bloody Hodgkin Lymphoma!).
A stunning long legged blond with a huge heart. And that was before I knew how huge it really is.
She … Read More

The Dr. leaves me with the understanding that the lump I discovered less than a week ago is cancerous.
He didn’t use those very words, but he also didn’t say it wasn’t… Unbelievable!
For the two days leading up to that fateful Wednesday I was constantly on the verge of tears, every … Read More

True, the examination was painful, but the feeling was that I am having an out of body experience…as if my body is there, but my consciousness is floating above and looking down at me… because really, this isn’t happening. I am healthy. I have no family history. I eat healthily. … Read More

I was already at the door after a routine check-up at my gynecologist, when I turned back and asked for a referral… ‘I think I feel a lump in my right breast… about a year now…’. It’s true that my last Dr. checked it out, but what the hell… She … Read More