Paying for Cancer Treatments – Personal Loans, HSAs, and More


An average of 1.7 million people are diagnosed with cancer each year in the United States alone. Cancer is a widespread and unfair disease that touches many people and can take a terrible toll on a patient’s health, relationships, emotions, and finances. The cost of cancer treatments can reach $150,000 or more, according to AARP, in part due to […]

Qualifying for Disability With Breast Cancer

If you or someone you love has breast cancer, you may be eligible for financial aid. The Social Security Administration (SSA) offers monthly resources for people with serious disabilities that prevents them from working. While breast cancer will not automatically qualify, many women with advanced or aggressive cancer will be eligible for monthly support.   […]

Dealing With the Struggles That Come After Breast Cancer

After you go into remission or experience complete recovery from cancer, you may still have some troubles to deal with. Depression after cancer happens for many survivors. But you don’t have to handle it alone. We can give you some advice for living life after breast cancer to the fullest. My fight against cancer lasted […]

Five Things to Remember While You’re Fighting Breast Cancer

Breast cancer treatment can be challenging to go through. Even the most positive patients have days when they feel down. But, you have a community of patients and survivors to support you, and you also have hope. For seven months, I underwent 16 different cancer treatments, including a one-sided mastectomy. During this season of my life, […]

How Prosthetic Nipples Have Changed Breast Cancer Recovery

To boost their self-esteem and regain a sense of normalcy, some mastectomy patients go through nipple reconstruction or get areola tattoos. But, we now have a third option that opens up a world of possibilities for breast cancer patients and survivors. After my single mastectomy and breast reconstruction, I couldn’t wait to get nipple reconstruction […]

Four Beauty Tips for Breast Cancer Survivors

After breast cancer, you might view your beauty habits differently. Chemotherapy and mastectomy procedures can change your body. You can lose hair, eyebrows and eyelashes when you get chemotherapy treatment. It also dries out your skin. A mastectomy can leave you with just one or no breasts. As a woman who has survived breast cancer […]

Overcoming the Body Image Issues Associated With Breast Cancer

Maintaining a positive body image after a mastectomy can be difficult. Whether part of your breast or an entire breast gets removed, your body has been changed. Going through such a process can be rough on even the most body-positive person. I was 33 at the time. After seven months of 16 different cancer treatments, including […]

Feeling Confident and Looking Natural After Breast Cancer

Breast cancer is a well-known, devastating disease that plagues millions of women around the world each year. Although the stages, types, treatments, and outcomes all vary, one thing is consistent—every woman who faces this unimaginable fight is heroic. According to the National Breast Cancer Foundation, breast cancer is a disease in which malignant cancer cells […]