About me

My name is Michelle. In 2010 I was diagnosed with breast cancer and had to undergo chemotherapy sessions along with one sided mastectomy and breast reconstructive surgery afterwards. After three operations I looked at myself in the mirror and was not satisfied. My breast had been replaced but something was missing, the topping on the cake…
I looked for temporary nipple replacement solutions but was not ready for yet another operation to reconstruct my nipple artificially. And, I had to wait at least 6 months for that kind of operation.
I kept searching for other solutions, however none of them was suitable for my needs or resembled the look and feel of a real nipple.
​I decided to learn how to make one by myself. After acquiring professional expertise in silicone prosthesis making, I was able to produce a high quality nipple prosthesis, which I have been using ever since.
I got my self confidence back. I was able to dress (and undress) regularly without having to worry that something was missing, wear swimsuits again and share intimate moments.​
I made a decision to give women the same satisfaction of having a realistic nipple attached to the breast and feel whole again.
​Pink Perfect accompanies you all through the recovery steps with patience, care and empathy while providing you with the best product of its kind!
I’m already serving thousands of happy customers worldwide and growing!

Michelle Kolath-Arbel


Samples and catalog locations

My nipples catalog can be seen and tried on at these locations:

  • Heide’s Mastectomy Store 3400 W 66th Street Suite 245, Edina, MN, (952) 925-7837 / 701 N 6th Ave East, Duluth, MN (218) 722-7860

In addition, many breast care centers and PS offices in the US carry my Pink Perfect nipple samples. Please contact us if you need more info. For queries outside of the US you can contact the following distributors: