Slide I want to see the nipples! Custom-made Prosthetic Nipples Pink Perfect produces a variety of realistic nipples intended for women who have undergone unilateral or bilateral mastectomies.

Our prosthetic nipples are designed & hand-made by a Breast Cancer survivor.

Feel whole again, be satisfied with your appearance and feel comfortable in your own skin!

Slide Take me to the online store Extremely Realistic. Highly Durable. Our nipples are made from a high quality silicone and match perfectly with your breasts.

The nipples are attached to the body by using a medical adhesive which is strong enough for any day-to-day activity and is waterproof.

They just look and feel so real!

Slide I am double-sided I am one-sided A Perfect Alternative to Reconstructive Nipple Surgery ✓ Durable solution - No shape distortion or color fading
✓ Painless - No surgery required
✓ Price competitive - Lower price alternative

Slide Michelle Kolath-Arbel
Founder, CEO & Survivor Read my story Feel complete ...again! "I have made a decision to give women the same satisfaction of having a real nipple attached to the breast and feel whole again."

Slide Introducing Pink Perfect!